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Laetitia Language Solutions: professional translator writer and proofreader
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Laetitia Language Solutions

Transforming English and Spanish text into engaging French content
Marketing, Social sciences, and Environment

A Bit About Me

Hello, Hola and Bonjour!

My name is Laetitia Gathion and I am a native French language specialist from Southern France, currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I tailor your content from English and Spanish into captivating texts for French audiences. My specialisms are Marketing, Social sciences, and Environment.

Did you know that 50% of French people read or watch content EXCLUSIVELY in French? I offer you and your organization tailored support to clearly and dynamically communicate in French. Using my professional services allows you to convey your message in the most accurate way, not only on a linguistic level, but on the cultural and societal levels as well. This has been proven to boost online reputation, increase brand visibility and make your content stand out among the rest!

Excellence, transparency and confidentiality are at the core of my work ethics. I am committed to human and environmental rights and wish to support diverse organizations who care about their impact.

How I Can Support You

Translation by Laetitia Language Solutions

Translation. Localization. Transcreation.

I translate your English and/or Spanish content into engaging, conversational and seamless French.

I localize your material, your layout and your images in order to adapt them to the culture of your target audience, while helping you stand out with connective French language.

I transcreate your marketing communications (both texts and visuals) to reach your addressees and add healthy doses of creativity and relatability to your messaging.

Writing and copywriting by Laetitia Language Solutions

Content creation. Copywriting.

I create dynamic, fluid and powerful content (i.e. blog articles, case studies, reports or whitepapers) that will enhance visibility and add valuable assets to your organization.

I copywrite compelling texts and produce convincing sales materials that strengthen your brand trust and increase your conversion rates (i.e. SoMe content, landing pages, emails and ads).

Proofreading by Laetitia Language Solutions


I revise your French materials to adjust their grammar, spelling, punctuation and typography (i.e. apostrophes, quotation marks, hyphens) and harmonize the text as a whole, using the French typographic rules as my reference point to ensure accurate and cohesive text.

I review your French translations based on the source text (in English or Spanish) to correct any meaning or terminology mistakes and optimize content style, with guaranteed consistency and uniformity.

I adapt to the glossary, tone of voice and style guide of your organization and commit to protecting the confidentiality of your data.

What My Clients Say

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Laetitia for over a year, and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She’s a sharp translator who asks thoughtful questions to make sure her translations are accurate and idiomatic. She’s also an excellent communicator and collaborator who consistently meets deadlines. Anyone would be lucky to have Laetitia working on their translation project!”

Jake Goldwasser

Content and Localization Manager at Humu

“I am working with Laetitia every day: she is a freelancer for the FR market (translation and copywriting) at Trustpilot. Laetitia is very dedicated to her work, and a real pleasure to work with. She has an eye for detail, is thorough and precise. It is easy to communicate with her and motivating to always try to find the right wording together! Creative and passionate about French language and Marketing, Laetitia is a precious asset in our team.”

Laurène Phélip

Language Manager at Trustpilot

“Working with Laetitia has been a great experience, which is why she has our recommendation. First and foremost Laetitia is pleasurable to work with. During her time working with us she has always been curious and eager to learn. It is clear to us that Laetitia is both thorough and highly skilled which we have benefitted greatly from on our website on which we needed translations and original copywriting.”

Jesper Nørskov Jensen

Co-founder and CEO at Dild & Mand

Let’s Collaborate!

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Looking forward to hearing more about you and how I can support your project!